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A gothic mmorpg!

ZaylZayl HaldenPosts: 25Member

Why can't somone make a good mmorpg whith a gothic presens, somthing dark and creepy ::::35::

if there is a game like this i whoud like to know!! ::::40::


  • ThoomThoom Decatur, ILPosts: 436Member

    Well ya got a long walk down a dark alley in a major city in real life, that should fill the dark and creepy role.

    Then again a Goth mmorpg might push the age limit to 18+ to play..Hmmmm

  • MalkavianMalkavian SydneyPosts: 2,995Member

    Don't worry. There's a New MMORPG in the works focused on White Wolf's Vampire Series. Yes it's true. Someone finally bought the rights. I just prey they don't F it up. I don't have the info with me as I'm at work but being the Malk that I am I know it's out there. And it's coming soon.

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