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The Controller's League (Virtue) Rebuilding

 The Controller's League has been around for a couple of years on Virtue.  Last year I had to stop playing the game for personal reasons and passed leadership of the supergroup to one of the players.  I signed on after a year and saw that all the members had left the supergroup and I was once again set as leader of the supergroup.

I want to restart the supergroup, seeing as we only have 3 members now.  I am looking for anyone who just wants to play with an old CoH/Ver.  Right now its open season on recruitment as I am just looking for people to sign on with to play.  All members will be given inviting rights and access to edit the base as please.  (temporary until we get a nice enough group)

If you interested in a start up supergroup PST in game.  I will likely promote to officers fairly quickly.



Ingame Global Handle:


Ingame Alts:

Meiso Thorny



Point Blank Arrows

Infinite Health

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