membership anyone?

alant999alant999 Minneapolis, MNMember Posts: 13

5.95 a month... anyone interested?

 Join the allied nations today!


The Allied Nations is a neutral governing body within the game "Disciple". Joining the Allied Nations has several benefits, including the following:

1. Upgrade to 5 character slots!

2. Receive and allowance of in game currency each time you reach a new level. The amount is determined by your level, and at level 20 you receive the allowance once per month!

3. Gain access to powerful "sanctioned" weapons and armor, that only members of the Allied Nations can use!

4. Any standard member can join a Clan, but only members of the Allied Nations can start and lead a Clan!

5. Visit the amazing Arena in "Ally" and fight sanctioned battles! No need to travel, now you can have instant access to all battlefields!



  • JackRandomJackRandom Viby JMember Posts: 6

    yea, im a paid member already :)

  • f0biaf0bia Canton, MSMember Posts: 22

    I joined as well =P

  • StrixMaximaStrixMaxima SMember UncommonPosts: 884

    God, no.

    It barely qualifies now as a game. It's stiff, obscure (in the bad meaning of the word) and lacks a lot of features/balance. I can't see myself as a subscriber anytime soon.

  • momodigmomodig sault st marie, ONMember UncommonPosts: 555

    they don't accept paypal or I would.

  • BonemaneBonemane Chicago, ILMember UncommonPosts: 353

    I can't believe some people are willing to pay 6 bucks a month for this. Half of those features are pointless and barely worth 2 bucks, you guys are crazy. Nobody is ever on, you might as well pay for AdventureQuest or AdventureQuest Worlds cause this game is a Online Solo Arena type RPG not a MMO.

    Is this like your first time playing videogames? I know everybody on the internet is a 7'0 220lb, $40/hr making, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practicing superstar, but seriously don't waste your money...especially in today's economy.

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