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These forums are dead...

DuilyonDuilyon lancaster, PAPosts: 326Member

The games alive but these forums are dead. Such a shame.



  • pigfistpigfist Tacoma, WAPosts: 53Member

    Alive yes. Twitching and rattling in some far off dank cave smelling like stillbirth and vinegar.

  • DuilyonDuilyon lancaster, PAPosts: 326Member


  • GidSlackGidSlack Vancouver, BCPosts: 173Member

    Not having an active MMORPG forum is both a blessing and a curse for RO.  

    On the one hand, an active forum here could recruit players.  

    On the other hand the overall quality of MMORPG forums is about at the level of a bacterial culture.  The actual discussion wouldn't help the game or community much.

  • PreponerancePreponerance Houston, TXPosts: 295Member

    This thread is like old....


  • GrammieGrammie Lynn, MAPosts: 68Member

    Hope I don't fall in the category of dead!  There seems to me to be a general lack of quests on the lower levels.  That is a killer for me.  I don't grind, happily anyway.  I also have had trouble understanding the quest directions.  I have spent too much time not finding quest locations.  I also wonder why game use various shades of brown.  It makes the game look dull, even if it isn't.

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