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How fast?

Lyrik05Lyrik05 Columbia, SCPosts: 6Member

How fast is it to get to lvl 20...cuz i got the Trilogy pack and decided on Factions i can jump into pvp cuz i hear it doesnt take long to get to lvl would u say it would take me 2 days-3days to get to lvl 20? 


  • InstamaticInstamatic Dallas, TXPosts: 58Member Uncommon

    There's always the option to just create a PvP ready character.


  • takayitakayi HelsinkiPosts: 158Member

    Just a few days, I did 1-20 on my first Factions char in one day... played it thru with my friend, its really, really, really fast.

    And TBH, premade PVP char's are crap for pvp.


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