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Dream of Mirror Online: BigBeam Hits DOMO

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

Gametribe has announced the addition of brand new content to Dream of Mirror Online with the introduction of the new BigBeam region., the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is offering brand new contents to the DOMO fans on April 22nd.

Journey through the new BigBeam region and discover BigBeam city! Fabulous adventures are waiting for you! Reach this new region from Eversun North and enjoy these city quests:

Wu Hai's Love Letter (lvl 30): help Wu Hai to win Mei Xiang’s love.
Selling-Flower Sister and her brother (lvl 30): help flower seller A Ro and find her lost brother.
Brothers' Argue (lvl 40): help BibBeam city’s inhabitants to drive out bandits from the surroundings of the city.
The soul-lost Boy (lvl 55). Help mother Zhang rescue her sick son Xizo Bao by getting all necessary materials to Comfort Witch who is able to prepare the needed treatment.
The lost Herbal Wine (lvl 55). A girl stole the Herb Wine from the shop assistant. Bring the Herb Wine back to the assistant.
Blood Sucking Orchid (lvl 55). Help Yuan Bo and get a medicine to heal her beloved Meng Xue.

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  • maximusplusmaximusplus Alessandria, ALPosts: 3Member Common

    I don't get what's wrong with Aeria Games.


    From the first time, i had a precise guess " Whoah, DOMO it's so cool " and i played it for like one year;

    Aeria games so far in this 3 years that domo's out, added just  useless quests and a lot of Item Mall Cloths ( most of them are seriously ugly) and there is nothing wrong, since everyone need to eat, in this world, but the thing that makes me really pissed off, it's that,  " Why the hell you add Mall Stuff if you haven't yet completed the game systems?" you will say, which systems does they need to complete? of course i am gonna tell you that, in first, they lack of any kind of Guild War, Or Maze, there are some maps that let player think something will come, but wait today wait tomorr, nothing has been came yet (making you even more pissed off) but the wrost thing here, it's that they don't even done the Customization System at 100%, yeah because the game even after 3 years, still lack of Reaction Skills; there is not even one RS that u can learn in all jobs, so i ask to myself, WTF they're doing? It's currect that they just guess about theyr own ways go gather as much money as possible, or they should be supposed to " do both, Item mall Items and Game Systems Updates" ? Before you think, i don't have anything against Item mall, i am a maller " LoL" but it's pissing off that ALL they do, it's even about Item Mall, All they add new, it's something for Item Mall... Whatever i suppose i have to give up on DOMO, after all it's a "SOCIAL GAME" ????? hem.. lol? In wich way DOMO it's supposed to be a SOCIAL GAME?! This so far, it's the most idiot, stupid, noob, thing they could address domo With! If Domo lacks in something, i ASSURE it's social part of the game; every player will lvl up alone till lvl 55 for sure, since exp it's way bigger alone then in party ( Wtf exp in party is very annoyng, also " weirdly " to get more exp from party u have to get an item from mall! look how much it's funny, and even if you do it exp still sux, so this won't  help " the social " part of the grinding system ) so all pros like sto grind alone till they are able to, in the end even if there would have been better pk and pvp places, the Skills are really really unbelanced there are class that own and class that are useless, in pvp... but with all i want who read this post to get, it's n ot that i am pissed off, it's that i want to know why Shaiya ( wich is Aeria Game ) it's made perfect  while domo aint complete and belanced yet...

    Do they don't care about DOMO Anymore?

    Do they just want to eat more money as possible from domo not-care about what's wrong with it?

    Do they don't want to waste money to end the game systems since they are greedy?

    Do they think addingending systems will not woth enough money to payback?

    Do they are ********?

    All i can answer, for now it's the last question.




    Manuel Massimo Mazzei


    Maximusplus, on MMORPGs

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