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Global Agenda: Fiction: The Utopian

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Hi-Rez Studios has released this new piece of fiction based on their upcoming MMORPG, Global Agenda. The Utopian is written by Nathan Knaack.

Steven made a conscious effort to awaken several minutes before his alarm sounded every morning, creeping out of bed as quietly as he could to peer out the window at the street a few stories below. The immaculately cleaned road had never suffered an automobile on its surface, as most of the traffic in Commonwealth Prime was airborne, clogging the skies above the incredible city in a perpetual jam of personal vehicles, public transportation, and security patrols. Ground level was reserved for pedestrians, with narrow walkways punctuated by neatly trimmed gardens and every imaginable shape of abstract sculpture. Thick nationalist banners hung from so high up on each towering skyscraper that the morning haze would obstruct their origins, making it appear that they hung from the clouds themselves, unfurling to broadcast their message of loyalty and pride. Steven wasn't interested in any of that, not the cleanliness and beauty of the metropolis, or the eerie complacency and ruthless efficiency of each passersby. All he cared to see was the single hovering garbage collection drone that would visit the intersection just below his window every morning, a few minutes before his assigned duties began.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • SolDotterSolDotter Atlanta, GAPosts: 8Member

    I'm finally starting to see where they're going with the world in Global Agenda. Thanks for the vivid details and descriptions! I love the outdated bot patrolling the streets like some semi-retired grandfather dutifully partolling his neighborhood. Can't wait for the beta! 

  • OutlawfencerOutlawfencer Kentwood, MIPosts: 10Member

    I was already excited for this game, but now, I'm REALLY excited.

    This was really well written, I would love to see a story like this as a book. In just four short pages the story catches you and gets you wanting more! I personally am looking forward to the next installment.


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