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Wemade Global Mir3 Server APRIL 2009

TheSphinxTheSphinx St.MichaelisdonnPosts: 9Member

Yes u read it : Legend of Mir3 is strike back from wemade itself - free to play - open 4 all countrys - LATEST PATCHES - ASSASIN Class.

Read :



  • ManestreamManestream PrestonPosts: 714Member Uncommon

    ok, wondering something. in 1 sentence it says its free to play and opens on teh 23rd april, in another line it says free for 7 days of battle.

    So which is it, free to play (end of) or free for 7 days then subscription based?

    Also, the site doesnt seem to be fullt updated, no info and no download client links. just an option to create an account.

  • TheSphinxTheSphinx St.MichaelisdonnPosts: 9Member

    What i think is **7 Days Stress Test** then it will soon open 4all. It will be free 4 all - no subscription fee only item shop like Version)

    Something like that ~ more then a stresstest for 7 Days then it will go live. You cannot download client yet its only a teaser site where you already can create your account so when starts u can download client.

  • ManestreamManestream PrestonPosts: 714Member Uncommon

    lol which means everyone will be trying to download a 1gb client on the same day.

  • HugolinHugolin Capital FederalPosts: 83Member Uncommon

    this was my first mmo

    so great news ill be able to play it again soon. pvp in this game is fun. the grind is kinda boring...just kill stuff 4 hours in a cave to lvl up...but well


  • ManestreamManestream PrestonPosts: 714Member Uncommon

    LoM 2 was my very first mmo. That brought me into subscription based games. That was followed by managing to get into the Daoc closed beta and i stayed with that till the 2nd expansion came out before leaving. Mainly due to most the people i knew had left and i also needed a change of scene too.

    LoM3 came several games later but i didnt stay when that hit payment option (after the closed then open beta). Memories is what i have, but i think since then it has changed somewhat. But still (with many clones out there), this should be nice for a bit of play here and there.

    I know that LoM 3 failed and was taken over by game network, but i had just found out that game network turned off all their game servers for LoM2 and LoM3 and MoS (myth of soma) on the 31st march. So this is a move to keep some players happy (although item malls will be in game to pay for server costs) doubt i will use that option though. Gotta be better than the priovate servers that are running.

  • eut256eut256 lincolnPosts: 10Member

    Yeah i'm looking forward to trying it i'm not much of a mir3 player but D-server use to own a few years ago on mir2, look forward to fighting you all ingame. as atm im playing EQ and WAR.


  • ChoopssChoopss AberdeenPosts: 20Member

    Looking forward to it :) I just wish they would do a tiny amount of advertising to actually make players aware - i heard from word of mouth.

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