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PVP Server

MettMett Grove City, OHPosts: 75Member

I am thinking about getting back in to the game, I did a little bit of naxx 25 and some of the other raids on a dk before I quit. I did get to 80 but I want to go to horde and try out that side. I want to know a good horde pvp server, I am cool w/ one that is close to 50/50. I am going to be making a shadow priest although I will probably be discipline or holy come 80. I will not be doing much end game raiding as I dont have the time so I will probably do some pvp and just goof around.


  • CzzarreCzzarre Cleveland, OHPosts: 3,742Member

    Although its been a while, I never found that a PvP server amounted to much PvP. Everyone felt it was more expedient to queue up for BGs and arenas. I wonder if things have changed

  • MettMett Grove City, OHPosts: 75Member

    Then I may just stick w/ my guy on Thrall I think. I am hoping to find a nice even A:H server. I may try to just start over w/ 0 gold etc to give my solo career some excitement.

  • YippleYipple NjuneseseeseesePosts: 46Member

    Yeah remember only allowed to say good stuff about WoW here or you get trolled to death by Zorndorf

    Had to remove signature because of lame code of conduct...

  • MettMett Grove City, OHPosts: 75Member

    I wish I had access to the official forums here at work. I wish I had access to the EU servers too as I think they would be less childish. I got my undead shadow priest to 40 this weekend, it is nice to have 5 or 6 areas to level and not crash lol

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