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WTT : Patternizer's list of coolness!

PatternizerPatternizer EorzeaPosts: 114Member

A letter to Santa ... the futuristic version!

 Dear Santa, I want a game hope this is the game i am looking for, like really really ... I want it to combine the following : fast encounters really fast encounters, then i want my time to relax in this game so i want clubs , strip houses *cough Open please as well cough*, shops, player shops and apartments. For grinding i dont care it's innevitable unless dear santa you incorporate a seperate rp/social leveling meter. I swear to all the heroes that i love : Spiderman, Wolverine ok ok even Batman and Superman, that i ll be a good boi for some years! Just remember me ! 

  Oh on that note WTT "rigid charcaters" for flexible and customizable ..... I mean c'mon classes and clicky through  "random portraits" are a no go for none anymore. ( also santa if you can get me to create the anti-boredom pill and make me filthy rich i wouldnt mind instead).


Well in other words i want  a cool social/rp/pve/pvp game that me likey lots and lots! See ya Santa thank you for reading!



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