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Trailer and Interview!

ZzuluZzulu Washington, ALPosts: 452Member


I am now officially a fan. Despite being burned so badly on Age of Conan, I will give Funcom another chance since they did afterall at least fire the old lead designer and hire a new one, with good credentials.


  • nekrothingnekrothing Blah, CAPosts: 302Member

    He wasn't fired, he quit when the game stopped making money. Like the honorable captain Gaute was, he was the first to jump ship after AoC started to sink down in to mediocrity, taking nothing but his sacks of our cash with him. It's a good thing the current game director for Conan actually knows what he's doing.

    Regardless of all that though, I think that Funcom in general deserves another chance. Unlike Gaute, who already had an unclean slate due to AO, the game director working with TSW seems to know what he's doing. I've heard good thing about him, and previous games he has been involved with.

    It seems like the bad Funcom has done is getting washed away, in a way. AO and Conan have both been improved from their horrible states that Gaute put them in with this new game director, Craig Morrison, who has been doing an incredible job with both games, and the game director assigned to this game has a good history of making quality games as well.

    While people should still be skeptical/suspicous of how this will turn out, since it is a Funcom product after all, I think they should ease up with the tension a bit, and give it a chance nonetheless. I was one of the many people deceived by Gaute/Funcom when it came to Conan. I purchased the CE on eBay during the beta, and I'm currently unsubscribed from the game, leaving me with only a $100 dust collecting door stop. I won't let one bad experience ruin one potentially good one, but I probably won't let myself get sucked in to all of the hype like before either.

  • ZzuluZzulu Washington, ALPosts: 452Member

    He was no doubt asked to leave the position, like any other executive. They rarely get fired.


    If they fuck up as badly as Gaute did though, they will be resigning, and not of their own free will. I don't think we can blame him solely for the colossal failure that AoC was at launch, but he did ultimately have responsibility of the project and he let it sink something fierce.

    Good bye, Gaute. Welcome Mr.Ragnar.

  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon

    After I watched this I too gained all faith in funcom in highering a good team to take care of this massive task and bringing a completely new concept to life for those of us that are into this sort of thing. I believe everyone has heard of local folklore and legends since the begining of time.  Hell we read about them in history, it is myths, legends, and all that jazz.  I heard of the monster in the closet since I can remember ( I know it doesn't exist.... or does it!).  Anyways I have to go rub one off after watching those two clips, dark days are coming.


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