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LexingtonLexington Olympia, WAPosts: 73Member

Reminded me of Hellgate London



  • ZzuluZzulu Washington, ALPosts: 452Member

    I came to think a bit of Hellgate as well. However, while hellgate london was focused on hell, this seems to deal more with mythological and urban tales and such. Which sounds really fun.

  • eowetheoweth Atlanta, GAPosts: 273Member

    This is definitely the most exciting MMHSMSOG (Massive Multiplayer Horror Strawberry Milkshake Simulator Online Game) coming to market in the next few years!

  • sandolainensandolainen LarsmoPosts: 62Member

    *In the voice of Cuba Gooding Jr*


    Show me the milkshaaaaake! Woooo!

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