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Immensely Enjoyable

SafraSafra Riverside, CAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

If you like a game that balances PvE and PvP with plenty to do besides fight, fight, fight then you probably will enjoy this game.


If you are tired of games so-called "free 2 play" games with glitzy graphics, lots of over-blown hype, and cash shops that attempt to squeeze every last cent out of your wallet by charging you for very basic gameplay mechanics - then you may want to give this one a try.


Plus points I see thus far after playing for a few days;

1) More than adequate Inventory and Storage. Yes, the storage is not located in every town - so what? It only takes about a minute to get to it. Additionally your Inventory or Carry weight increases by leveling one of the attributes, you can grow in this game in all ways.


2) Enough GMs in game to stop spam chat and senseless flaming, and random crap on chat channels. Yeay! :)

Also to stop some of the bad behavior  - like some types of griefing, stalking, and luring people to PvP maps for ganking. Read the forums and you'll see how it goes. 


3) A multiple skill system that allows you to level up not only skills, but your overall level without having to kill monsters or PvP if you don't want to. You may need to do a little so that later harvesting in more dangerous areas is doable, but reading the forums it seems that maybe you don't have to do that if you want to be a mage for instance :)


4) An extensive player based crafting/manufacturing/vending system that may turn out to be pretty cool :)


5) If you want to PvP you can - they have a separate map for this. Apparently you can level through PvP -I won't know since this doesn't interest me, but read their forums :) Or, you can choose to play on the PK server which is for-pay: $5  for life, not a bad deal.


6) If you want to go strictly PvE you can - just stay off the PvP map.


7) If you want to do a little of both - you can simply by traveling to the appropriate map.


8) Not allowing multiple alts so that people can accumulate inordinate amounts of gold and skew the game economy. Dual/multi clients/boxing* are not allowed in this game.


9) It's truly free to play. You are not crippled in any way by not being able to make cash purchases.


10) And so far it seems that the players are relatively mature, the ones that play by the rules so are therefore evident. This promises a truly enjoyable experience with a very low level of the nasty crap that is run into on other games.


I know some reading this and their forums will decide it's not for them. And that is okay. If it's not a good fit for you it probably would be a good fit for those of us who choose to play, so you not coming here is a benefit to us all. Thank you. :)

*The PK server rules are different - go read about them at the site for more information.






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