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Ultima Online: Welcome to Sosaria

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Ultima Online Correspondent writes this at-times amusing introduction to the world of Ultima Online and your character's early experiences.

Congratulations, by logging into Ultima Online you’ve made your first step toward a life of confusion, rewards, and freedom on an epic scale.
But what now?
You’ve created your character, tried to make your elf (let’s be honest) look as close to some anime character as possible, picked your starting skills, and you’re ready to be dropped off at the town of your choice, right?

Read Welcome to Sosaria

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon

    Learn to link right! -.-

  • IonselonIonselon Central FL, FLPosts: 248Member

    Link is still not working correctly.

  • Angie-PvPAngie-PvP Angie, WAPosts: 87Member

    Welcome to a game that is well and far beyond destroyed by EA Games. I do not even have to go into it about what classic UO was. Classic UO players know full well what I am talking about.


    If they said welcome back classic UO players, we now have a classic shard for you, I would jump for joy. For now, EA Games can eat a bucket of roasted dog turds for all I care. EA Games is missing out on some great cash from the classic UO fans. If they were smart, they would release classic UO on its own CD. It would be good to keep classic UO and the new destryoed UO seperate from eachother.




  • ShikkadanceShikkadance Bristol, NHPosts: 39Member

    I totally agree with a classic server. I would go back in a heartbeat!

    The Shikkadance Cometh!

  • minagominago rabbit, NCPosts: 54Member

    same classic UO plz ...Ea ruined the game

  • FlummoxedFlummoxed San Jose, CAPosts: 591Member

    all the classic uo fans are playing darkfall.

  • Angie-PvPAngie-PvP Angie, WAPosts: 87Member
    Originally posted by Flummoxed

    all the classic uo fans are playing darkfall.


    No they are playing classic UO cough shards and some are waiting for Mortal Online who's dev's have stated they want to bring classic UO to this generation. MO dev's were also hardcore classic UO fans. Darkfall Online is nothing like what classic UO was aside from full loot and skill based. Darkfall Online will never be what classic UO was. Do not let the BS artist Tasos or his fanbots mislead you into thinking DF is what classic UO was.

  • DaemonicalDaemonical Montreal, QCPosts: 9Member

    DarkFall look's great, but UO is quite an old school game. Even more if you play over some free heavy RP shards of UO. For that reason, I don't think that DF surpass this old game at all. Even if I never played over the pay-to-play servers, I guess it's stays a unique game. And when you enter the developement of your own server, it's even more a great experience to enjoy. It's a game with millions on possibilities that just need to be scripted after all.



    Fondatrice d'Ethernia, le Royaume de Hyel

    UO player since 2001
    WoW player since 2006

  • ShadowsladyShadowslady Tempe, AZPosts: 147Member Uncommon




    old UO rox

    Shadowlord Sage

    Napa Valley, UO, 1997.

  • lornjlornj New Orleans, LAPosts: 334Member

    i loved playing all the UO games and ultima online. i could always picture myself visiting all of those towns in britannia. i think yew was probably my favorite town. i hated those games died off and theres just about nothing left. garriott needs to come back make another UO after his debacle with tabula rasa. i think that would be awesome!

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