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StarQuest Online: Getting Your Feet Wet in StarQuest

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common StarQuest Online Correspondent Benjamin Buske writes this article going over the early tutorial portion of the space-based game.

Last month the U.A.S. Yorktown was reactivated after an extended period of inactivity as the first official fleet training ship. The crew of the frigate U.A.S. Gagarin requested transfer to the Yorktown on its own, to help fleet in reactivation of this ship for training purposes, which means that the Yorktown is now manned by an experienced crew, which for sure has the ability to teach new players.
The need for a training ship comes mainly from the fact that the game is lacking a real tutorial at this time. Any new players joining the game will go through short simulator training and are then left alone on Terra, not knowing what to do next. This fact has caused fleet to lose several new players in the past, who got frustrated for being dropped on a planet with nothing else to do. I know how that feels myself, because when I came to the game for the first time, the same thing happened to me and not knowing what to do next, I quit the same day

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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