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a few questions

angus858angus858 Mechanicsburg, PAPosts: 377Member Uncommon

I've looked on the official website but info there is really scarce.
1) How is character customization? I know there are different armor sets but aside from that do all swordsmen look the same?
2) Is there any real crafting? The web site mentions trade skills but doesn't get specific.
3) Is this the sort of game that would let me explore wide-open spaces? Or are players restricted by barriers that force you to follow a rigid progression from one small area to the next?



  • MasterChupaMasterChupa Novi SadPosts: 2Member

    1. yes they usually look same beside set difference IGG didn't add much fashion items yet.

    2. u can create ur equipment but tis really hard to get all items at higher lvls

    3.when u get to lvl 150 u will see all maps (12) in ur realm/faction after that u will usually be in ffa maps (5 for now)

  • vivian001vivian001 fuzhouPosts: 24Member

    thank you !! nice post

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