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Ether Saga Online: Pets Developer Journal

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Perfect World Entertainment has provided us with this developer journal focusing on pets in Ether Saga Online.

Ether Saga Online is based on the Chinese literary classic, Journey to the West. It is a Free-to-Play MMO and is very story driven. ESO has a rich, vibrant world to explore with an anime art style. It has a ton of content and deep gameplay layers for experienced MMO players, yet is accessible to people new to the genre. ESO has many unique aspects of gameplay, such as an auto-route system with smart path-finding, mounted combat and a transformation system to adopt a monster’s appearance and gain attributes & abilities.

Read the Pets Developer Journal

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • skydragonrenskydragonren Hagerstown, MDPosts: 667Member

    I did a closed beta / first look kinda review here.



    This game is very well done. For a F2P/RMT game it is prolly the best they have ever produced.

    It does have some negative aspects, but for me at least, the positives out weigh the negatives and I think it is worth a look for anyone who wants to experience something new.


  • CasaFrankyCasaFranky MünchenPosts: 544Member Uncommon

    a very nice game, but to much chinese in there for right now.

    maybe its getting better with a later build.

  • MaverynthiaMaverynthia Savannah, GAPosts: 55Member

    This game looks to be Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine gone wrong. Both have monster fusion and "pets". However in this game it looks like the pets life dwindles when you fuse it and you have to buy noodles (I put money on those being cash shop items). Considering the emphasis on "botting" and the fact you get tons of kill quests, how can they say this game has any story line at all. SMT: I had VERY FEW kill quests and is very story driven, none of this kill X monster Y times. I also want to bet those "bot" items are item mall only, making this game very unappealing for someone that doesn't want to grind nor spend lots of money to get anywhere.

  • KyofuBADKyofuBAD San Lorenzo, CAPosts: 1Member

    It's in open beta now. All the Chinese text is gone as far as I can tell. They kept the Chinese voice acting though which I'm glad they did. Sounds so much better.

  • Th3PhoenixTh3Phoenix BucharestPosts: 1Member

    i do no about you bg s  but im imprest is awesome  and is not boring the most important :D  it keep's you on the play , r little things to change but is the best ,,, :D i like it more then WOW bleah chears

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