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Whats your favorite feature of the Xpac? (poll)

Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYPosts: 2,426Member Uncommon

So the Xpac is out, lets hear it.

Whats your favorite feature so far?

We have the Npe, Mission arc system, Graphics upgrade(particle/Warp/jump effects), W-space/Sleeper AI, Probing Revamp, T3 ships/t3 production, Skill que/Attribute respecs.



Waiting on:


  • steven1966steven1966 detroit, MIPosts: 73Member

    The skill queue system is great.  The new fitting interface is 'better'... but I didn't think it was bad before.

    I'm a new players, so haven't seen anything else :)    Not sure if I can experience the NPE since I already did the old one.

  • GendailGendail Somers, CTPosts: 178Member

    You sure can still experience the NPE, unless you already have 3 characters made.  I parked my main char and made a new one just so I could try out the NPE.   I really like how it is done now. 

  • ThatimThatim ZeddamPosts: 240Member

    WH.. that is for sure.


    I am a 14 days old char, and I decided to check on out yesterday.. and it was awesome. I didn't see a sleeper, but to know that you venture somewhere.. which nobody else knows yet.. full of unkown stuff..


    It has so much potential!


    It is really, really great this X-pac. Almost as awesome as Ambulation when that hits

  • SofailSofail EVE Online Correspondent ShrewsburyPosts: 15Member

    The ability to transfer overview settings between accounts.


    Oh God.


    No, I don''t care about your opinion.

  • MinscMinsc Burford, ONPosts: 1,319Member Uncommon

    I chose the new probing system, but it's really kinda tied to the wormhole/sleeper addition. I'm loving a lot of the new stuff though.

  • FadedbombFadedbomb Aiken, SCPosts: 2,081Member

    I'm an old vet of the game that has recently come back to start training skills again while I continue to not play. The only reason I'm NOT playing right now is A) I have no corporation that's worth a damn, and B) Because all my gear is sitting in a 0.1 system surrounded by 20jumps of noob rat gangs getting their legs whom are whoring up the warp-gates :D.




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