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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Creating the Polluted World of Hutta

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

The folks at Bioware have written a new developer journal which looks at the effort behind implementing the polluted homeworld of the Hutts in Star Wars: The Old Republic Online.


Pop quiz: If you had the chance to contribute one thing to a game like Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, would it be A) a new Rancor design, B) a quest for constructing your first Lightsaber, C) new Sith Force powers, or D) six paintings of mud? If you said “D”, you might be an environment artist or have low self-esteem!
Luckily for us environment artists, Star Wars™ has an almost limitless supply of amazing planets and environments to get excited about. It’s hard not to get excited when it sinks in that you’re working on an icon like Korriban. Of course, for a well-known planet like Korriban visual reference is abundant — we all know what it should look like. But what happens when the designers want to create a planet nobody’s ever seen before (is that even possible)?

Read about Creating the Polluted World of Hutta.


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