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Second Life: Bare Rose Design interview

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

We keep hearing about people that have successful businesses in Second Life. Today,'s Second Life expect David Greene talks to the folks from Bare Rose Design, a popular in-game clothing designer, about their experiences.
I want to thank you June and Tori for making time for MMORPG and our readers today. As one of the Second life communities most established clothing designers it is an honor to have this chance.
June when did you first discover Second life and what brought you here?
June Dion:
When Starwars galaxies went through the NGE changes, I started looking for a new social type game. I found Second Life after some look at what was out there, I was doing tailor in Starwars galaxies and they did not have many outfits, so I was amazed by what Second Life had to offer. XStreet had so many clothes that it about made me faint.
I didn’t think I was going to make my own clothing when I first started Second Life. I shopped alot, about 3000 linden in a day, and thought I should start making something before I became poor. So I starting making clothes, I have a premium account so Linden gave me 500 lindens weekly (300 now) and I use it for the upload fees. It was at this point I swore I wouldn’t use any more of my real world money.

Read the Bare Rose Design Interview

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • BigJonnoBigJonno PeterboroughPosts: 10Member

    June really is very talented and has actually grasped the idea that selling virtual items at a low price will make a lot more money than selling them at a high one.

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