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RF Online: Chip Wars

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common's new RF Online Correspondent Jeff S writes this overview of the Chip War feature in the sci-fi game.

An interesting concept I have always liked about RF [Rising Force] Online is the aspect of Chip Wars. It’s a huge, exhilarating three-pronged battle; three races, three chips, one map (the Crag Mine: a mining area appropriated into a battlefield whenever it is time for war) and a massive power struggle for complete domination. A battle royale for mining rights in the most sought-after area; whoever can defeat the other races' chips first and bring it to the center map will find the guardian Holystone Keeper waiting with their reward. Like a huge, futuristic, extremely violent variation on Capture the Flag, with at least 200, if not many more, people playing constantly. Working together with your race to destroy the oppositions' control centres, capture their chips and get away with them to the middle of the map within a time limit.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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