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Ether Saga Online: Open Beta Starts March 17th

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

The folks at Ether Saga Online have announced that the game will enter Open Beta on March 17th.

We are pleased to announce the release date for Open Beta - 12:00 am (midnight) Pacific Time on March 17th. Players can expect the following to occur:

1. Closed beta servers will shut down at 10 am Pacific Time on March 16th.

2. All characters created in Closed Beta will be wiped. Clean slate for everyone. This will be our last character wipe.

3. The cash shop will be open for purchases with Zen when Open Beta launches.
I will discuss development plans for the next couple of weeks below, but first I wanted to announce something exciting: the closed beta contest!

Read more here.

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