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Ether Saga Online: More Beta Test Keys

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMAdministrator Posts: 5,176 Uncommon has just been given 10,000 more keys for Ether Saga Online - the new MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment! Get yours now!


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  • GorakkhGorakkh Toronto, ONMember Posts: 694

    Nice...I've been in since the first set of keys and the game is in pretty good shape for a f2p cashshop model. Very beautiful graphics but ultimately not for me in the end , definetly worth giving it a try for people for haven't played it yet though ^_^

  • maturetom731maturetom731 BeijingMember Posts: 1

    It is worth playing the game, the fantasy MMORPG launched by Perfect World Beijing. It has many unique features apart from splendid graphics, vivid NPC nagivation function, and pet fusion function, etc. I love this game though i am a complete newbie

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