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Question for Pay players

Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYPosts: 2,426Member Uncommon

is Wurms Pvp server actually well populated?

Is there an actual community or will i sub to the game (once I get it working) and see only a handful of players in the course of a 24 hour span?

What would you consider the population to be number wise?

I consider a server decent if a couple hundred are playing on it at once, Does Wurm have that many players at peak hours?


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  • paulscottpaulscott WI rapids, WIPosts: 5,613Member

    Server populations on the wild server are probably a bit lower than what you'd want them to be at.   However that's reletivly insignifigent because of the game design differances when it comes to everyday play since most groups can capably plan their logistics as to make it so people don't need to be on at the same exact time.

    The PvP is also very different when compared to any MMO, You will almost never see one person or a pair of people wandering around looking for targets.   Rather it's a 2-3 times a month raid group on a specific target(town/tower line/outpost)(quite a few more if you go for different timezones and small group play though).

    As for me I've only gotten into combat with another human a handful of times just because I would have rather been mapping(read scouting) or working on towers.   Wurm is a very big game world and one that makes it very easy to hide in, if two enemy hunters see each other in local they'll pretty much greet each other then just be on the look out since they probably won't see each other under normal circumstances.


    All in all this isn't a game designed to be your combat MMO,  this is a game where the players are the world.   You won't see a single person no matter how hard they try that don't leave a mark on it(something that's utterly impossible to say for the closest things like EvE and Darkfall).

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

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