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Help with Playing

MettMett Grove City, OHPosts: 75Member

I am back to tryin gout Eve and I am going to stick with it this time. It is a fun game and I think I am finally getting it. However the skills and what class I need to be etc is still killing me. I went with Gallente this time, special forces. I want to do a lot of pvp and some pve. I am at work so I cant remember the build exactly but I added 3 to perception and 2 to intelligence. Not sure exactly what those do at all but I followed a guide. I am not sure what skills to train or what steps to take next. My in game name is Nibert


  • XennithXennith BirminghamPosts: 1,244Member

    no such thing as class in eve. anyone can fly any ship as well as anyone else, all attributes affect is the speed that you train skills.

    as a galente solider you want to work on your hybrid gun skills, drone skills and armour tanking skills.


    what i would do is start off by looking at the modules i wanted to fit to my ships and training up the requirements for those, when i was going to log off id try to set a learning skill to go (these are dull, but very useful), or a long skill like a level 4 or 5 in say engineering or mechanics.

  • nurglesnurgles BaselPosts: 840Member

    Careers - the sandbox way!

    As I mentioned before, in the existing system players chose a career before even the first 10 minutes of play and, as with many games, it is an important choice. But with EVE, as you know, you can become anything you wish. You can move from shooting players to mining at any time. You are not bound by any restrictions by your "career." It gives the false impression that you are deciding on something, which then doesn't mean a thing in the world of New Eden.

    this is from the Dev Blog on changes to the new player experience.

    Just to say it again, there is no character class in eve.

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