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StarQuest Online: Intro to Science 1

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common StarQuest Online Correspondent Allen Richardson writes this new guide focusing on the science aspect of the sci-fi MMO.

First, we will start with the equipment requirements. Every scientist needs the proper equipment and without it you can't complete your job. This is what you will require:
Sampler Probe This is the most vital tool you can have and the most important. The probe allows you to gather samples form different rocks, trees, and plants. Probes can be bought at the ShopMarts located on most major core worlds, for about 5000 credits or 4700 Prestige at Fleet Headquarters. Also when you join a crew, like StarFleet, they may supply you with one.
Vials - Here I must stress the importance of these items. In terms of a scientist, they are VERY IMPORTANT! They are the equivalent of money in the science community and without them you can't gather samples nor create chemical compounds. They can usually be found at the mart for 124 credits.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • l0rdb0shl0rdb0sh Amherst, OHPosts: 20Member

    I love the science aspect of the game, there are hundreds of unique chemical types which could be created.


    Some people have been able to produce some permanent attribute buffs which they sell to other players.

    And then there is of course some that have really nasty effects..

  • AlloughNAlloughN Venus, PAPosts: 168Member

     "Really nasty side affects"

    To bad you didn't give me one that affected my memory, or you might have got away with slipping that PSI inhiboter in my wine.

    (Yes, the game does have acohol and your character can get drunk/pass out. I didn't know that at first and thought something was wrong with my comp when my char started weaving walking without me clicking anything. :P)

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