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Does this still have ads?

RigonnRigonn Rexburg, IDPosts: 79Member

Title says it all..

 Does it have any ads if you're playing Free?



  • BonemaneBonemane Chicago, ILPosts: 353Member Uncommon

    Yep and I'm sure it will always have ads.

  • RiverMayaRiverMaya Clarkston, DCPosts: 9Member

    yup this game got ads on the top of the screen but when ur  a premium user the ads will be gone........

  • sr1215sr1215 melville, NYPosts: 4Member

    yes it does but its not that bad its a banner on the top and it will go away if you become a premium user

  • bencehunbencehun Otthon:DPosts: 4Member

    All the ads has been removed from the game. (In patch 80)

  • tresconiktresconik MumbaiPosts: 3Member

    finally its ad free =P

  • BonemaneBonemane Chicago, ILPosts: 353Member Uncommon

    Wow and I just uninstalled the game a few days ago too. I would check back, but man remembering all that grinding, and all the grinding I'll have to do if I start playing again puts me off=/

    No wonder I had it installed for months and never played it lol


    Now if only they took the ads off of Pirates of the Carribean online.

  • fairerfairer DurbanPosts: 8Member

    No more add's since aug/sept 09 i think ! but i just use to adjust my screen LOL @_@

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