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Is it my syestem for WAR?

Let me start by saying that I really like playing WAR.  Its not my favorite by no means but it has its advantages.

I stopped playing WAR for the 2nd time due to the system continuelly crashing to desktop or unable or insane amount of lag.

My system is:



3gig of memory.

So either my system is not fast enough or its WAR.  Maybe I come back when I have saved up enough money or WAr gets cleaner.


  • HellsMajestyHellsMajesty londonPosts: 204Member Uncommon

    your video card could be improved but that system should be able to run WAR fine. Have you tried running it on the fastest framerate setting because that could help reduce your lag.

  • GamerBenGamerBen gormley, ONPosts: 52Member

    i fixed my CTD by doing a full system scan for WAR, play in fu ll screen, lower res and on fastest :P

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