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StarQuest Online: Ticonderoga Class Heavy Cruiser

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common StarQuest Online expert Allen Richardson writes this look at the Ticonderoga Class Heavy Cruiser in the space-based MMO.

Following the victory of the United Systems Alliance in the war against the Klinshaya Empire in 2184 S.T.Y. , the newly formed Alliance Starfleet felt the need to both modernize and enlarge the fleet. Learning numerous lessons from Terra's aging Icarus class battlecruisers before, during and after the war, a new starship design was envisioned incorporating the newest technologies of the Alliance worlds, a design as powerful as any in known space. The keel of the first of this class of starship was laid down in Mars Orbit in June of 2187, and would be christened U.A.S. Ticonderoga in honor of the starship that turned the tide of battle during the Klinshaya attack on Terra in 2180. Currently U.A.S. Ticonderoga serves a dual role as a fleet training vessel and is attached to the Sol System defense fleet.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • LoboMauLoboMau Marinha GrandePosts: 396Member Uncommon

    Thats one ugly, ugly ship!!

  • AlloughNAlloughN Venus, PAPosts: 168Member

    Alliance ships are built for brawn. Its their style.


    The Ryl' Atti or Tikopaki ships are muchhhh better looking. ;)

  • KILLkipKILLkip ...Posts: 37Member
    Originally posted by LoboMau

    Thats one ugly, ugly ship!!


    Not... not as ugly as.. euh ... You!

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