Ok this is getting really old Hellgate London is not coming back-

Calintz333Calintz333 BergenMember UncommonPosts: 1,191

Ok is there any real official word from some one who actually has the right to keep the game going in the US that they are going to keep it running Free 2 play? Or is the game done adios goodbye Finished here in the US? It seems people are saying yes its going F2P and others are saying not in the US, I don't think its going to keep going, so whats going on?


  • SevenOmaticSevenOmatic Member UncommonPosts: 176

    You can play the asian version of HGL. It's highly doubful the MP, version of the game, will see light in the US again.

  • RedwoodSapRedwoodSap Fenwick Island, DEMember Posts: 1,235

    Let it die already there are enough crappy games in the market.


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