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PURgE - A New Beginning

miagisanmiagisan NY, NYPosts: 5,156Member

** I apologize for this post ahead of time, but there is no TOR guild section yet **


PURgE (Purgatory)

SWG Refugees from Valcyn

We were once one of the largest rebel guilds on Valcyn during the golden age of Star Wars Galaxies, and had one of the 2 largest, and most pvp centric player built cities on the server. Based off of casual gameplay and close tight knit friendships, our core group is roughly 5 years old, spanning multiple games, and are looking towards the Old Republic to make our new home in. We will be hitting this game in full force, with a very large playerbase waiting to jump in.

So if you are just looking for a good time, with great people, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PLAY STYLE IS, come check us out on our website, or just drop by them to chat. We are more of a community website with alot of old SWG Valcyn guilds who frequent it.

No preference as to Sith or Republic as of yet, since we are waiting for more information regarding the gameplay and factions.



  • N3oN_666N3oN_666 Olathe, KSPosts: 136Member

    Sounds cool, I may have to stop by to see what's up.

  • miagisanmiagisan NY, NYPosts: 5,156Member

    feel free, our forums are not just for guildies, but friends and community as well. And i try to keep out TOR section as up to date as possible with new info, so even if you are just looking for some information, please feel free to drop by.


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