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Twelve Sky 2: New Screenshots

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

Twelve Sky 2 was recently added to our gamelist, and today we're pleased to present the first round of screenshots to be added to the Twelve Sky 2 gallery.

Twelve Sky 2 Screenshot

See more Twelve Sky 2 Screenshots.


  • SXRchosen1SXRchosen1 A.M., FLPosts: 179Member

    SWEET! more of the same fantasy in-the-box bullshit

    image <- if your bored at work :)

  • HashbrickHashbrick Green Bay, WIPosts: 1,216Member Uncommon

    How the hell does something like this even produce a sequel.

    I'm a simple man spoiled from MMOs of the old age.  Looking for a home but deserted.  My heart and time is not worthy for the MMOs of the new age.
  • AlloughNAlloughN Venus, PAPosts: 168Member

    WOW! Thats looks awesome

    If I plan on doing self hypnotizing.  ~End Sarcasm

    Suggestions to Twelve Sky devs, cut back on the lights, add to the gameplay.

    I'm tired of chopping off 1 billion orc heads, no matter how cool it looks.

  • PretaPreta NYC, NYPosts: 103Member

    oww my eyes!

  • FlummoxedFlummoxed San Jose, CAPosts: 591Member

    Needs more special effects.

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