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Not a wargame, not massive, not finished, not balanced, not legal.

CrossramCrossram toledo, OHPosts: 1Member

This game would have rocked 20 years ago on a BBS. Its a twofold game. A small part of it is the GUI, where you actually play the combat portion of the game. The gui is based on Mechwarior 2 engine. It is very cumbersome and laggy, even on the best gaming rigs. The lag being more evident if there are more than a handful of people on the server. The combat system is a modified lift from Car Wars. The majority of the game happens on the website. This is where you keep track of your gang members, manage your fleet, buy and sell, and start events. This part of the game is mostly the designers creation. This also is what you pay for. I describe it as campaign Car Wars. If you read this far you probably have an interest in the genre. I suggest taking a look at the website for more details of gameplay. Sounds great right?

 This game isnt massive and unfortunatly never will be. The game play frustrates most people who were not playing BBS games in the early 80's. Even then the GUI is just awful. Its a big hurdle. The server gets laggy with more then 10 people actively playing. Both the lobby/game server and the web server. Another big hurdle. Genre, I love it but its not everyones cup of tea. The time commitment is extreme. The game runs in real time. Repairs are in real time. Travel takes real time. Skill advancement is in real time. This not only limits how fast you can advance, it also limits how often and when you can actually play.Figure 3 to 6 months of play to get to a point where you have a large enough fleet to play whenever you want to. The biggest problem is the community. There are about 16 active players. My user number is 15000+. It has been stated that they "dont want any kids or undisirables". If you disagree with anything you are undisireable. If you have an opinion keep it to yourself.

 The community is the cause of all the massive imballance. They insist that DW is a RPG not a wargame. Except when they are buying up everything in noobtown and reselling it on the player market for a profit. These same players Have played through many game changes and have been allowed to keep everthing. Further they have been given features of the game that no one else can get. The main being personal Camps where they can produce rare weapons and vehicles. Camps were intended to be pvp/wargame features, meaning you could take someones camp by force. This feature is shut off due to popular demand. Oh and YOU cant have a camp, they are all taken by the vets. There are no more. Noone wants real pvp in there economic warfare. Figure a year plus of heavy gameplay to get to an economic level where you can challenge them. Oh and they are all cooperating. They will not fight each other even in racing. The entire game is ballanced around the core group. From the economy to the way the AI works. The AI is bad at best, the enemy cars come strait for you regardless of terrain. To compensate for the mindlessness they get more cars than you and better skilled shooters. This increases depending on the town you are scouting from. In noobtown its about double the number. The main technique used is to rain mortor fire on them and never take a hit. This works great...if you have a motor. Which YOU never will. They are only for the elite. They are not available regardless of price. That should quell any remaining thoughts of PvP wargame.

 Open usage of trade marked copywritten material without licence. The worst being the american muscle cars, mopar, gm, ford. Also Michellin, Goodyear. All the vehical models and skins are real life cars. I personally dont care about the profit of these companies. It does make one wonder how long before the lawsuits start and the game shuts down?




  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts El Do, KSPosts: 1,555Member Uncommon

    Almost everythign you talk about has been fixed. There is also a new Hardcore Mode that has open camps, and is Barter Only. You have to trade for everything.


    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

    Necroed thread. Locked.


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