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New Dev Blog: Wormholes.

VandenbergVandenberg EVE Online CorrespondentWatfordPosts: 21Member

The first of many Apocrypha dev blogs.

The new scanning mechanics are a welcome change, and wormhole space looks very interesting indeed.

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  • XennithXennith BirminghamPosts: 1,244Member

    oh yes, looking good :)

  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Pittsburg, KSPosts: 745Member

    You know, I was thinking about taking a break but this looks seriously awesome - I think I might quit the militia (at least for a bit) and check it out come march 10.

    It seems possible (by design) to get hopelessly lost if your wormhole collapses behind you and you're forced to blindly jump around - you'll eventually find your way back to normal space but after going through several intervening wormhole systems you could end up absolutely anywhere.  Good luck getting back to Empire - you'll need it.  But this is EvE and such a mechanic is actually being quite well received.

    It seems possible for a corp to be able to take and defend a single wormhole system, which may be good or bad.  If CCP confirms this (or remains silent) I think I might actually even try it.

  • NicoliNicoli Harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,312Member

    yes very nice added change, even the probing system changes should be nice.

  • TaramTaram Chesapeake, VAPosts: 1,700Member


    Sounds very interesting... might be a bit too random the way they have it set up though. Looking forward to seeing how it works out.

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  • dominiadominia round rock, TXPosts: 191Member

    I had posted in the official thread on mmorpg that this may introduce too much randomness to the market and take out some of the risk to making ISK.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the new game play and exploration but implemented poorly, this could cause sever inflation.

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  • darthwoogydarthwoogy houston, TXPosts: 17Member

    but I assume if you get "too" lost, you just find a way to die and just reclone?  Sorry, Im WAY new to EVE (7days) so I may be way off target (granted you are fully insured, etc).  But hey, what do I know...

  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Pittsburg, KSPosts: 745Member
    Originally posted by darthwoogy

    but I assume if you get "too" lost, you just find a way to die and just reclone?  Sorry, Im WAY new to EVE (7days) so I may be way off target (granted you are fully insured, etc).  But hey, what do I know...

    Every wormhole system will have a connection back to regular space in it somewhere, the only way you can truly get stuck is if the ship that has your probe launcher on it gets blown up and you don't have a bookmark to the exit.  If that happens you can self-destruct your pod to get back to the station your clone is at.

    Far more likely to happen if you get too lost is you'll end up out in some nowhere 0.0 system and have to run the gauntlet to get back to Empire.

    I've been following the 30+ page thread on the official forums closely, it seems the main concern people have is big 0.0 alliances being able to take over the best systems and lock them down, but I'm sure it will be addressed before it goes live.  From the looks of things it seems pretty good so far - solo pilots will be able to make quick trips in and out of a single system, bigger groups will be able to mount longer multi-system mutli-day expeditions using an Orca or a small POS as a mobile base.  And with 1 wormhole system for every 5 normal systems they'll be pretty common and pirates will be able to find plenty of targets to pewpew (or get killed by).

    I don't think this particular feature will really bring a lot of new people in, but like T3 it will make some of the existing subscribers, the ones who have been asking for a more 'realistic feeling' exploration, very happy.

    Ambulation and the box is what's going to kill the servers though. 

  • NicoliNicoli Harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,312Member

    Note that each wormhole system will not always havea wormhole back to known space. It will always have a wormhole open though it may just lead to another wormhole space.

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