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great game

BezserkBezserk Peoria, ILPosts: 4Member

I have played the game off and on for over 5 years, and though it doesnt match up to todays graphics and gameplay, the depth of this simple game will keep you busy for years if you get past the initial confusion. Theres a looot more to it than you would think right away. If your really bored here's a challenge for ya, get to level 20 and see if your not hooked, if not then you can correct me here. Its a small community, has a roleplaying server, a pvp server (18+), and a pve server (Phoenix) which i've played most of the time and the people are friendly as ever. Its very small budget and dont expect any multi-million dollar game, cuz its completely free to play. Check it out, you'll get hooked!


  • Jlo1Jlo1 Boston, MAPosts: 16Member

    Level 20? I got to level 8 in about two months :P

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