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World of Kung Fu: Free Gift Packages!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,205Administrator Uncommon has been give 1,000 gift packages from VestGame, the creators of World of Kung Fu to give to our community. These are first come, first served so get one while you can!

Each gift package will give you:

  • Gallant Steed – Fast moving white horse. Lasts 7 days.
  • Novice Tai Yi Pill – Ancient medicine that restores 50,000 Hit Points.
  • Wooden Waist Pendant – Nice accoutrement. HP +20.
  • Small Experience Charm (5) – Gain 120% experience for 1 hour.
  • Deepfried Steamed Bun (5) – Restores 150 HP over 15 seconds.
  • Novice Lion Toy (5) – Enables player to revive at current location.


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  • purewitzpurewitz Casselberry, FLPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    The code didn't work. I entered it in and the site accepted it, but I got nothing in-game, You may want to take down the rest of the keys until VestGame get this worked out. I'm pretty pissed right now and I don't thing you want more people pissed off about this.

    When we get back from where we are going, we will return to where we were. I know people there!

  • ChrisDaHaterChrisDaHater south lake tahoe, CAPosts: 1Member

    worked well for me

  • ZtyXZtyX BjerringbroPosts: 367Member Uncommon

    Well.. I suppose this is a good thing for those who wanna play this game.

  • britzbanbritzban Brocton, NYPosts: 250Member Uncommon

    You probably did not assign the gift to your character through the account settings on the website.

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