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Downloading Trial - New Player

MettMett Grove City, OHPosts: 75Member

I am going to start the game with the 21 day trial and I am looking for any tips, etc on what race and what not to choose.


  • GorairGorair Austin, TXPosts: 959Member

    well alot of people choose caldari as a 1st toon b/c well itrs close to jita , has decent PVE agents all clustered close together ( i mean level 1 -4 all in same system Poinen internal security) , and eve unitveristy is HQ there. i really advise at least joining their public channel rather than rookie help. join cvhannel Eve University.


    try to balance your stats when you start rather than load one set up , unless you know for sure what you are going to do. then stat for that ( int - mem for trade /mining  , will /percep for combat , charisma for people skills)

    another cool choice is Minmatar as a starting race ... but they are a really skill dependant race but they tool up very nicely for combat pilots because of the high skills their ships require they are the eaasiest to cross train to another race ships.

    Good luck capsuleer.



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