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Tibia still has 50K player online per day!

AnzieAnzie Miami, FLPosts: 468Member

So I haven't check out this game in years but somehow I ended up in their site and notice they where 50,000 online. I'm sure no nexon, ijji or outspark have that many player putting all their games together. This game may not be as popular as ultimate online, but is old as ultimate and still going strong. I wanna play it but grinding weapon skill/level is not my style anymore.




Originally posted by Spathotan
The simplest way to put this, is like this. Buying a used/refurbished 360 is on the same plane as sharing a condom in a gangbang with strangers.


  • GameloadingGameloading NAPosts: 14,182Member

    Actually Maple Story alone probably dwarfs that number, but when you consider Tibia's history, it's very, very impressive what they have accomplished. Don't forget that Tibia is made by just a few guys all the way back in 1997, about 6 months before the release of Ultima Online.

  • DreamagramDreamagram OsloPosts: 798Member

    Originally posted by metalhead980
    <Mod edit>
    *cough* :-)
  • AurixAurix StockholmPosts: 5Member

    Tibia is quite charming and has a really nice feeling.

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