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This game is awesome!

chucky233chucky233 Fremont, MIPosts: 122Member

Play on Horus and try for yourself! Its amazingly awesome!




  • Gither79Gither79 Lewisburg, PAPosts: 55Member Uncommon

    i'm downloading right now. the game looks like alot of fun.

  • ZixoZixo NowherePosts: 15Member

    Regnum is a great game with an AWESOME community !! I have played this game about half year constantly now I pop up from time to time the reason I dont play much is the missing stuff on high levels and I m trying other games now too,  there isnt much to do when you get to lvl 50, no crafting, poor guild system and economy,no dungeons BUT I think NGD will make this year something for this in they roadmap, this game will make her way up slowly , also I tried many many mmorpgs from the list here and in PvP there is much much more fun then in other more rated games. Also this game is free there is no pay to win, you can find stuff if you like sure like  "he can make high criticals with his socketed weapons so he is OP...:  just remeber this is RvR team based game. I know few people who will beat ur ass up without uber items. Also NEVER listen to whinners on forums discusing one spell all over again find your own system and setup if you take it this way you will love this game. Also its a lot of grind, but you will have fun very early in around 2 weeks depends on you when you get to lvl 30, so you can go out to try out your skillz, after that dont mind grinding do it or not some people I know were  around lvl 45 and kicking good enough. If you like it hard way go to warzone from lvl 21 (recomended is 30) if you are a healer then there is nothign to discuss go ASAP to learn ! at lvl 40 you will become a real soldier at lvl 45 you will be high enough to kick ass and maybe you beat up some lvl 50s. When you get to lvl 50 go and celebrate with your realm, graduation tradition is in all realms we go to our place and grind with you to your last lvl . After that start to search and spend gold for what you like.

    Dont waste gold on armours, weapons untill lvl 45+ just save gold , always and I mean ALWAYS listen to high levels in warzone where to go and what to do ! Motivate and be motivated for fort wars and go ahead even to a lost looking battle ! Represent you realm ! Search for grinding parties as much as you can. Respect Conjus they are not machines !

    About Classes :

    Barbs (Dps) - highest dmg, poor defence , fast leveling with conjus best exp for both (plenty of weapons, good armours are expensive and rare)

    Knights (Tank) - very hard and slowest to lvl up, big block and resist rate most HP , somethimes is annoying tho when you get ganked fast . (big wariety of weapons, not hard to find nice armours, but special shields are extremly rare)

    Conju (Healer)- fastest to lvl up, can play 2 ways - healer,warju. Warjus using the offensive spells from mage tree which is good on 1vs1,  you can heal ur self and deal shit load of dmg too just need a good staff, but you will never replace warlock. Imo dont care about gear  some + manna stuff only

    Warlock (Area nuker) - fast to lvl up, many many spells and kind of setups a good warlock is a dangerous guy in 1vs1 also CC, he have the strongest area spell, few warlocks can make a big mess with other group, lowest defence. ( lots of gear to choose...)

    Hunter - well he realy not fit in this game he is OP in 1vs1 very hard to kill he will track you down and stalk on your ass, also not to mention he have a strong pet.. this class is discused a lot and many covards play hunters, but you can play as a scout to gather intel and provide tracking for the group, since the update he is hard to lvl up a bit and he si better on 1vs1 then in large scale figts. Also when there is no fight on forts hunting groups are formed a lot. When you get ganked while grinding outside just say it on realm chat so someone will come and take care about him.(good armours are rare)

    Marksman (Archer)- high range and damage they are the first who will keep the enemy away from the fort, medium leveling (good amount of armours and weapons)

    The thing is that wariors are hardest to play in warzone then ranged, but they dont suck ofcourse just need more skillz and for a new player its making the game flustrating so be aware. Barbs they are like kill and die instead also knights somethimes die very fast.

    This game have also some issues you have to live with like any other game. No gold spammers, cheaters and bots and if its very rare. For ENGLISH there is HORUS server, Ra is spanish, but there are few old english speaking clans too. - Regnum Comic !!!

    The screenshots are totaly outdated the game looks much better now, there are new character models and all.

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