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StarQuest Online: Starship Operations Guide

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Starquest Online Correspondent Allen Richardson writes this informative guide to starship operations in the space-based MMO.

The universe of StarQuest Online is highly realistic. It was built from real star data. It contains over 10,000 unique star systems and 100,000 unique planets. It is the biggest game universe in MMO's. It is roughly 3 times bigger than the universe of EVE who was the previous holder of this record. The controls of the starships used to pilot this universe are no less immersive and real. I have compiled this documentation of six consoles. There are several more, but they are not necessary for the basic starship operation.

Starquest Online Screenshot

Read the Starship Operations Guide

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • daarcodaarco GavlePosts: 4,497Member Common

    This sounds really fun. No any moron can fly a ship. To bad its p2p.

  • AlloughNAlloughN Venus, PAPosts: 168Member
    Originally posted by daarco

    This sounds really fun. No any moron can fly a ship. To bad its p2p.


    There is no way a indie can go free to play without having tons of VC money, or a publisher

    CastleThorn opted to build the game with its own resources, with the intent of slowly building up the playerbase as they go, rather than accept VC money.

    Either VC money or a publisher would force them to dumb the game down, and thats not the objective of StarQuest.

    I for one am glad they chose the hard way to make a MMO.

    ((I realize VC doesn't necessarily mean the game will be dumbed down to mass market, but the only other option seems to be to move to Greece and develop it for 8 years while taunting superior features...... Sorry, couldn't resist that. *No I am not a DF troll, I actually am really looking forward to it, but it is fun to watch the fanbois dance*))

  • daarcodaarco GavlePosts: 4,497Member Common

    I think i respect CastleThorn even more now.

  • AngitheriasAngitherias Prince Albert, SKPosts: 26Member

    Auxiliary engines do burn up yes buy with any skill increase they are easy to repair, assuming he is flying the starter ship, a duchess, replace the "b" version (10 power units) with AFG-J (600 power units), they'll compliment the reactor very nicely and not use a drop of fuel.


  • AlloughNAlloughN Venus, PAPosts: 168Member

    That is true, however the ship I was flying at the time was a Atlas Class Cargo ship. H reactor and G engines gives me power to burn without having to repair the aux gens ever.

    I removed them to lighten the ship. Fill up the cargo hold and add two 690 unit pods to it and even with G engines it takes almost 3 (real time) minutes to accelerate to standard sublight speed.

    Hopefully that "heavy hauler" GalTrans is working on now will have more engine slots, or at least some type of perpituary engines with higher thrust output. (thrust, not power generation for all those of you who are rabid engineers. Last time I got those two terms mixed up some foaming-at-the-mouth Starfleet engineer nearly bit my head off :P)

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