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Digial Knightz

DKz-NineXDKz-NineX Onalaska, WIPosts: 4Member

The Digital Knightz are a multi-Game gaming group that has members in every corner of the world. We have been around and in force since 1994 …. Yes 17 years. On the DKz site you will find all the games we are in, private integrated forums, your own photo gallery, custom members listing, Private TeamSpeak Server with unlimited bandwidth and much much more.

Back Story

The Order Of Digital Knightz or “DKz” was founded in July of 1994 by Ninex and Zamice initially the site was just a collection of hacker and web tools on a free AngelFire webpage, the page was primarily used by Blackhats from 666 and the Cult of the Dead Cow. In 1999 the DKz had grown to 3500+ members worldwide and a domain was obtained The focus of the site soon changed from a blackhat hacker site to more of a Netizen Gamer friendly site and with the help of the Cyberarmy made the statement of purpose:

"The Digital Knightz is a group of netizens who believe in a deregulated Internet, which is free from external control. We believe in providing tools to assist others who believe in a free Internet - we support Open Source. We campaign against those who abuse the free nature of the Internet. We believe that spammers, child pornographers, web based scammers, and malicious hackers are enemies of the Internet. We believe that the Internet can be self-regulated, and that we, as equipped and knowledgeable netizens, can control and suppress abusers of the Internet, with legal methods, by consolidating together as a united Digital Army.

In mid 2000 the DKz started the Alfa and Beta testing of games, one of the founders Zamice had left the DKz witch made a whole to be filled by none other than Pixelvision. Together him and founder Ninex took the Order to what is now called MMO-RPGs. With Pixels help they obtained a new domain name Then in 2005 it happened founder Ninex due to home and real life problems could not spend the time it took to lead the Order and Leader ship was then moved to Pixelvision. But in the summer of 2008 Ninex was able to come back fulltime and help Pixel in writing a new chapter in what looks to be the Oldest and most notable gaming clan in the history of the Net.


Getting into the Knightz is not ez but the perks like monthy CDs, e-mail and such make it worth it !!!


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