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Zu Online: Intro to Level 7 Epic Item Sets

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

The folks at Zu Online have posted an introduction to level seven epic item sets it this Chinese martial arts based MMORPG.

With the release of new zones and new monsters, many new items, and quests have been added to the game. Among them, Star Charts, the patterns for creating Level 7 Epic equipment, must be the most outstanding. We are pleased to be introducing Level 7 Epic item sets here for your enjoyment.

Sun Warrior - Apprehensive Star Set and Calamity

One day, it rained heavily and fulminated suddenly while Master Dazang was sitting in meditation. However, Master Dazang understood the way to create a legendary Epic item set from the heavy rain, thunder and lightning and created the item set called the "Apprehensive Star Set" from them.
The legendary weapon Calamity is the pestle used by Master Dazang while an awesome calamity hit the world. The pestle was refined during this time period and thus contains superior power and can even emit the holy Buddha's halo. So, no evil thing dares get close to it.

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  • stonyleinstonylein ViennaPosts: 88Member Uncommon

    ZU online is a big bad joke. i had a level 180 moonmaiden( named Nheme) with level 6 epic gear, noone was even close to beeing a match to me. i stopped playing eventually since theres no fun in killing anything with 1 hit.


    i heard after about 1 1/2 years after i reached max level, they raised the level cap (we are talking about a game in beta here), without adding any content to the game, or adding any higher level items. now after they have added lvl 240 for many months now ( i dont actually know when they added that) they release proper equipment for that everyone is buying tokens in the item mall to get that gear....oh i forgot to mention, this game is all about the item mall...the more you buy the better you are. i was lucky i had an admirer who bought me all the top items in item mall so i could compete with others/ was actually unbeatable by anyone in this game.


    funny game, really. if i would really care about  beating anyone in a game without having to fear of getting killed...i would still play. but honestly, its just boring stupid nonsense.


    btw, characters from beta will be converted over to retail servers, when the game releases. so if you start to play on a completely new server, there will already be level 300 characters on your server. have fun.



    edit: i hope i  made it clear you can obtain the best items in game ONLY by item mall, theres no way whatsoever to get items even remotely close as good as the items mall items by playing this game. you have to spend real life money. if that is the definition of f2p really throwing up.

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