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achellisachellis Saranac, NYMember Posts: 542

personally i liked phantasy star online on the xbox better, what do you guys think?



  • JuankisJuankis Calexico, CAMember Posts: 166 Uncommon

     I played PSO on Xbox too, and I just find PSU better, especially the online play.

  • korvixkorvix asdfas2w, AKMember Posts: 477

    I still play PSOBB on my comptuer...I hardly play PSU anymore, but I like the both,  PSO a bit more though.

    PSU just doesnt have 'that feeling'


  • totally agree i have gone back to pso and am wondering why i ever left

  • Calintz333Calintz333 BergenMember Posts: 1,189 Uncommon

    Iv been playing psobb on the private servers for a while now. very fun game better than psu in almost every way imo. psu just feels dead and lifeless now. especially on pc/ps2.

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