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Myth War 2: Rebirth System

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

IGG has released more information about the rebirth system in Myth War II.

Myth War II Online is a tactical, highly involved fantasy-themed MMORPG that gives its gamers three chances to be reborn and continue the challenges of life on Rarus.

In previous articles, we have talked about what kind of challenges to expect after the second rebirth. Today the official team happily announce that the reborn 2 mage avatar creation has been successfully completed.
In the beginning, your level will return to 1. The reincarnation will yield some special changes to your characters’ resistances and growth rates. After your second rebirth completed, being a hero will be your blood. Then what will you obtain after the rebirth?
1. Reborn 2 players will get a chance to make new choices for gender, class and avatar. Your characters’ names will also be displayed in eye catching purple.
2. Reborn 2 players will receive enough experience to upgrade their characters to Level 71.
3. If you take the step to be reborn a second time at level 120, you will receive 160 bonus stats points. After that, an additional 8 stats points will be granted as each level upgrades.
4. Reborn 2 will increase the number of inventory slots to 72.
5. Reborn 2 allows you to wear gear of any level and some gear only available for reborn 2 characters.
6. Reborn 2 characters are eligible to do plot quests.
7. Reborn 2 will add 700,000 talents to reborn 2 characters and increase their maximum skill levels to 95.

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