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Is it possible to still make an account for HKO?

AxumAxum San Antonio, TXPosts: 891Member

I really would like to try the Hello Kitty Online game,

I was just wondering if it's too late or not.



  • teknicianteknician SLO, CAPosts: 270Member Uncommon

    Just sign up using the link in the banner on the left side of the page that says Sign Up to SanrioTown.

  • typhoonwintyphoonwin Boston, MAPosts: 11Member

    It's not possible to open a new account anymore as it's a closed beta of sorts, the founders beta, this christmas release is really only for the founders, so no new players as far as I know.

  • bbegirlbbegirl Hong KongPosts: 61Member

    You can now signup at for the Beta of the game, not sure what the application waiting list is right now, I signed up just a little while ago, fresh off a tweet news.

  • typhoonwintyphoonwin Boston, MAPosts: 11Member

    That's great news, I'm looking forward to the US release 

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