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Dream MMO studio?

daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

I'm not making a poll, because I really don't care if 30k people create new accounts to vote for their favorite.

I had been perusing the current games out, the current projects in the works, and a random thought crossed my mind...what would the Dream MMO developer be?

I've had this conversation before with a buddy of mine. For the most part, we agreed that if the brains of Blizzard and Mythic got together, they would have the potential to make one hell of a game. (Leave the PvE to Blizzard, and the RvR to mythic kind of co-author thing.)

I know I'm probably not the only one that thinks this...but I also know there are tons of people out there that think differently.

What are your thoughts? Which companies would potentially create the best MMO in your opinion? And Why?



  • EloDEloD Boston, CAPosts: 38Member

    There are no good MMORPG's out. The old ones were good but now are too old to be good anymore.

    Wait for Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

    Guranteed quality and years of play.

  • SabiancymSabiancym Chicago, ILPosts: 3,150Member Uncommon

    My Dream MMO studio will come to life the day I win $250 million.

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