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Raising Light 1: Are These Okay Stats?

kingsofectokingsofecto Vancouver, BCPosts: 42Member

Is this a good build for a Raising Light 1 Wu-Tang Blue Dragon?

Strength 86

Essence 29

Wisdom 30

Dexterity 48

(These are all when I take my items off)

Any suggestions for me, which should i work on more?

All suggestions are appreciated!!  = )



  • fairerfairer DurbanPosts: 8Member

    mmm no constitution? lol

    str 100

    con 80

    dex 60

    keep by that ratio, you cant go wrong! ess & wis you just put chi when you need to use stones


  • asdqwertyasdqwerty Blah, OHPosts: 20Member

    I dont think you need that much wis, essence shouldn't pass 25. Keep STR and DEX even with CON wherever you think it should be for your play style

  • ChirugaiChirugai Santa Clara, CAPosts: 304Member

    Locked due to necro'ing. 

    Fortune favours the bold.

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