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Kurzick guild looking for new members

Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

      Shinigami Thirteen [ST] is looking to add new members.We are a small guild of players looking for new and vetran players alike.We are a European based guild so the times that most of us are online may be a little different than US based guilds. We do have US players in the guild.

    We  mostly play player vs enviroment helping each other with missions and quests in game.We also dabble with some player vs player aspects of the game as well. Guild members have been known to alliance battle, play in random battle areas and take part in some hero battles. As far as guild battles that is something we haven't tried much of to date.

   We are a friendly and helpful group of people just looking to expand our membership.That way we can help more people enjoy the game and have some fun in the process.We don't pressure our members to earn faction points in order to keep your membership in the guild.All we ask is that you stay active and have fun.We want our members to learn more about the game and enjoy yourselves while you are learning.

   If you would like to contact me just drop me a line at: Just let me know your ign and I'll add you to friends list.

        To all the players have fun and have good journeys during your travels throughout the game!!


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