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Depth of character development for each class

TekaelonTekaelon Brookhaven, MSPosts: 581Member Uncommon

I've read  many great posts discussing the awesome landscapes and deep quests but haven't seen very much concerning. character development within each class. Having only played WoW I'm not really sure what other games have to offer but IMO blizzard got it right with their class skill sets and talent trees.  I've read about the deeds and traits system but reading and playing are too different things. so...

1) Does each class posess a set of skills that provide a uniqe play experience? 

2) Does the traits and deed system allow for a variety of class development options? 

Lastly if you are in a typing mood please tell me what class you and play and what aspects of that class you really enjoy.




  • jposavatzjposavatz Austin, TXPosts: 161Member

    Here's how I feel about the character development in LotRO (and let me preface this by saying that I am indeed a current subscriber who is happy with the game):

    (1)  Yes, each class is indeed pretty unique in its overall function. 

    Guardians are your basic tank, Champions are your DPS melee fighter, Captains are for melee buffers/emergency healers (paladin is the closest comparision), Hunters are ranged DPS, Minstrels are healers, Burglars are rogues (though their focus, interestingly enough, is more on debuffs than DPS), and Loremasters are mostly CC.  Their skills fit those roles pretty well in my opinion.

    (2) The trait/deed system indeed allows you to "customize" your character to some degree, but not even remotely as detailed as you'll get with a game like WoW. 

    Here's how traits/deeds work - by doing a particular thing (kill X mob 50 times, use X skill 250 times, complete X quests in a region, or even find a bunch of landmarks in an area), you get special traits (like +1 Loyalty, or +2 Compassion) which translates into permanent buffs.  You can then pick and choose which of these traits you want to apply to your character, and change your mind and reapply different traits if you're in a town (for a nominal fee - low enough that you can realistically change from day to day).  For the class-related deeds (use X skill 250 times) it might not necessarily be a buff, but instead a skill.

    In my experience however, it doesn't really make me feel like my guardian is significantly different from any other guardian out there.  We still have the same fundamental class skills, but we're just optimized in slightly different ways.  For my play style, that's actually OK... I used to be a min/max type of guy, always trying to tweak my "build" with other games and have the absolute best build... nowadays however, I just login to have fun, and don't particularly care if this guardian is the same as that guardian.  There are plenty of groups to be found, and nobody will ask you ahead of joining a group which traits you've chosen (at least not on my server).

    So will some people find this inferior to the flexibility in games like WoW, AoC, etc?  Yes... but for me, at the end of the day, although I thought I would care, I really don't mind.

    Hope that's been a help.

  • PapadamPapadam Tampa bay, FLPosts: 2,102Member

    What the previous poster said is true but only for pre-Mines of Moria!

    Character development have been one of LotrOs weekest parts. Not anymore in my opinion. The addtion of Trait-sets and alot of new traits gives you more freedom how you want to "spec" your character and I think this system is alot more flexible than talent trees.

    And then you also have the legendary items... This system is even more complex than I thought and gives you alot more ways to make your character unique.

    So its still not great but its alot better than it was before the expansion and is now on par or better than other fantasy MMOs

    If WoW = The Beatles
    and WAR = Led Zeppelin
    Then LotrO = Pink Floyd

  • jposavatzjposavatz Austin, TXPosts: 161Member

    Ah yes, Papadam you are indeed most likely correct...

    I've only just purchased Mines of Moria and have yet to experience it, but from what I've said I can indeed see that the customization (especially with legendary items, which level up in their own way) should add to the customizability of your character.


  • TekaelonTekaelon Brookhaven, MSPosts: 581Member Uncommon

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.  Actually I think the LoTRO system will suit my playstyle as well. I can't wait to try legendary weapons!


    See you all soon in Middle Earth!

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