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Age of Conan: Ymir's Pass Interview

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity recently to sit down and speak with Age of Conan Director Craig Morrison about the about-to-be released Ymir's Pass update that will see a new zone and more added to the game.   How much content will be added to Age of Conan with Ymir’s Pass both in terms of number of quests and time commitment?

Craig Morrison:   In terms of quests there are dozens upon dozens of quests in the play-field. It’s also the largest, and I think the most impressive, playfield we have added to the game-world. It has the largest population of NPCs, camps and encounters. You could in theory play through almost ten levels of game-play just in this area if you wanted to, so there is a lot of content there, and that’s before you consider there is a new dungeon as well!

Read the Ymir's Pass Interview with Craig Morrison.


  • JeroKaneJeroKane OsloPosts: 5,742Member Rare

    You know,

    I like Craig already a lot better.

    He is more straight forward and more honest.

    The difference in communication between him and Gaute is almost shocking!

    And I believe he might actually get Age of Conan back on track.

    If they continue on this pace and this level they are now and then with the server merges... I might give this game another try in a couple months or so.


  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan Advocate Posts: 6,966Member Uncommon

    " While many players will be happy with the additional content provided by Ymir’s pass, what, if anything, is on the horizon for players already capped at 80 in terms of endgame content?

    Craig Morrison: The next major game update will include two brand new dungeons for level 80s players. Located in Thunder River there will be one single player dungeon and one larger group instance for six man teams. I don’t want to go into too many details on these just yet though as you will be seeing some previews of these areas relatively soon when we deploy the next major update to the public test servers."

    Nice to hear Craig, working on the end will excite those new or interested to the game too, knowing that when the journey to 80 ends its not game over. Sure there are things there to do now, but improving on this will satisfy a lot of current players.

    Only fools and horses rush in, keep up the pace and glad you don't come across as 'Del Boy' ;)


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